Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Frogs by Lili

Feeding Frogs

Frogs eat flies.  When frogs see a fly the will quickly poke out their long tongue.

What Frogs Look Like

Frogs are amphibians.  They can be all sorts of colours and have smooth skin.

What Frogs Do

Frogs jump very high and love eating flies.  They love sitting on logs.

What Frogs Do Not Like

Frogs do not like people touching them.  They will try to get out of your hands.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hey Baboons, put some pants on!

On Friday, Room six went to the zoo.  We went to the zoo because we made enrichment balls for tigers to play with so they wouldn't get bored.

My favourite things at the zoo were, holding a kiwi egg
 and looking at the Baboon.

Holding the Kiwi egg was nice, soft and silky but, when I smelled the egg I was gonna have a heart attach, puke, or fall on the ground it was terrible.
When I was looking at the Baboons I told them "Hey, Baboons, put some pants on."  I told them to put some pants on because they had red butt cheeks poking out.

Baby powder in the hairdryer by Kaleb

Jackson trapped my Mum in my room.  Me and Peter put baby powder in the hair dryer.

"Jackson, you can let my Mum out now." I said.  My Mum came out and picked up the hair dryer and she looked terrified and she turned it on and BANG! the powder went all over my Mum's face and we cracked up laughing.

My Mum went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and she saw her wrinkles and she said "Can you see my wrinkles?"  "Yeah, oh yeah!" said me and Jackson.

By the terrible prankster Kaleb

Monday, 18 November 2013

Pool of ice by Chloe

On Saturday I went to Casey and Maia's because Mum said when we got there we could put our togs on and go for a swim with Casey and Maia.

When we had put our togs on we got in the pool slowly because the pool was like ice.

The boys got in first.  Sam jumped high in the air and made a big splash to get in the pool.  Casey dived in to the water.

When we were all in the water we played family sharks and fishes.

Then the boys got out because they were getting cold.  Me and Maia got our three hours after them then we got out to get dry.  Then one minute after we got back in the pool because the boys got back in to play.

As I ran out to the pool I said to the boys "Even through I just got out, I'm getting back in!".

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Meerkat Tunnels

"Look, a cute Meerkat!" I screamed in the Meerkat tunnels.  "Wow, it's so cute!"

I wish I could fit my head in here without bumping my head on the pipes.  Ow!  It hurts when I bang my head.

When I was at the top of the ladder I saw a Meerkat and it ran around the glass window at the top of the ladder.

By Jaime

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbow's End by Pharrell

When I was going to Rainbow's End and I went with my Nan and my brothers and I went on the helicopters with no door and the racing cars and I had to crash into people and my brother couldn't drive because he had to be big like me.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bird Research

Birds from Amanda on Vimeo.

Fish Research

Fish from Amanda on Vimeo.

Reptile Research

Reptiles from Amanda on Vimeo.

Guy Fawkes by Emma

It all started with the Queen saying "You can not believe different Gods, only the God that I believe."

Thirteen people did not agree, so they disguised themselves.  One wrote a letter to the King and it said "Quick, catch the sneaky Guy Fawkes, he is setting gun powder under the meeting room."

Suddenly, Guy Fawkes go captured by the Kings guards and died because the King chopped off his arms and legs and they celebrated with fireworks and a bonfire each 5th of November.

By Emma
A collaborative depiction of Guy Fawkes by Emma and William

Guy Fawkes by William

It all started a long time ago when Queen Elizabeth said that no body could believe in their own religion.  Thirteen men thought that the Queen would change her ways but she didn't.  They got angrier at the Queen.  When the Queen died the King got the throne.  The thirteen men thought that the King would be different than the Queen.

The King said "I will be fair" but the King was not fair and the men got even angrier at the King.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Following an arrow. By William

Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter were on a rock island.

I stood on a stood on a button, then a brick wall broke.  I went in because I saw something.  I got it then I followed an arrow then put it down and suddenly zombies started eating Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter.

By William

Sunday, 3 November 2013

By Jackson

BAM! as Dean shot the gun we started to run quickly.
I was cutting through the wind.  I over took five people
and I came third.  We went back on the stands and had something to eat.
then we went down to do discuss.

The race

As I lined up on the track I was sweating like a dogs tongue ''On your marks get set GO'' BANG went the powder gun that dean was holding in his hand. 

I was coming first.  In the background I heard cheering going on.  I began to go faster and faster, I wasn't focusing on the people beside me or the cheering, I was just focusing on the end.  My feet were slapping the red bumpy floor and my breath kept going faster and faster.

Finally I was there!  I came first place in the 200metre run.

By Emma

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A bow made out of 3 spiders webs and 3 sticks. By Kaleb

As me and Ben built a house it turned dark on minecraft.  I walked to the lava room because I could not see outside.  I saw a creeper, 2 zombies, 8 spiders and 10 skeletons.

We made a bow with 3 spider webs and 3 sticks.  I went to find a skeleton, there was one about to shoot me with his bow, but Ben was behind the skeleton and killed him.

"Phew!  Thanks for killing him." I said to Ben.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Jumping in through the window. By Jackson Wills

In the morning me and my Dad went to chop the tree. When my Dad chopped a branch he would put it in a pile. I got the branches out of the pile and dropped the branches in a pile by the fence. Then my Mum asked if I wanted to go swimming with Kaleb. I said "Okay". My Dad said "Thank you!"

My Mum found my swimming bag, Kaleb came, I jumped in through the window into the car.  We arrived at swimming, Kaleb went in the swimming lessons pool and I went in the lazy river.

The lifeguards put the waves on.  The waves in the lazy river were only little but the rest of the waves were big.  I went in one of the big waves and I went under it then I jumped out of the waves then I went under the waves and I got blown away.

The wave pushed me into the lazy river again.

By Jackson Wills
Edited by Jackson and Miss Tait
Published by Miss Tait

Sunday, 18 August 2013

I rolled out off bed

Emily woke up,crawled into my bed and fell asleep.
''Wake up'' Mummy shouted.
''Were going to be late beceuse you slept in''.
''AHHHHRRRRGH!'' I yelled  as I rolled out off bed.
''Rooooaaaarrrr!'' went Emily's lion as she swished it under her tummy.
''Mummy I didn't have a went off sleep'' I moaned.
I walked down stairs,ate my breakfast,brushed my teeth and made my lunch then Emily started screaming and yelling ''come on come up here and make your bed'' Mummy yelled.''Mummy Emilys pulling the leafs and flowers off Daddy's plants he wants to sell''.
Hollie just get your raincoat on and go it's nearly 9:00 am.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

I was excited because my Granddad came over on Saturday afternoon.  I said to my Granddad "Welcome Home Dad."  Granddad said "Where's Dad?" and I said "You are Dad, you can sleep in Lucy's bed tonight.  We are going to have a wonderful dinner tonight.  Are you going to have dinner with us tonight?"  I asked.  Granddad replied "No, I am going to a place."  "Owwwww" I said.

Written by Katy
Edited by Katy and Miss Tait
Published by Katy and Miss Tait

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I hope you come back to school.

 Cause you are so kind.

From dominic and Miss Tait

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Running as fast as I could

On bullrush I ran as fast as I could.  Then Phoenix came along and tagged  me.

By Dominic
Edited by Miss Tait
Published by Dominic

When are we by Michael

Once upon a time Miss Tait and Michael  yelled " where are we when are we how did we get here?" "
I think we're in 2005 december the 25 when I was born Miss Tait""but how can you be alive because you're born today how old should I be" Miss Tait asked. but what they didn't know they wore in Dick Smith  because of Te Ariki shot us with his time ray.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The head that rolled out the door

Kaleb came to my house. Zombies came. I shouted to Kaleb "Kaleb, hurry up Zombies are coming!"

Kaleb hurried up and a zombie almost came in but I slammed the door on his face. The the zombie's head came off. I said "Ill" and then I opened the door then I kicked the head out the door. 

By Jackson

 Edited by Jackson and Miss Tait Published by Miss Tait

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The two baby lava stone's

Splash!went the foamy white water. arrrrrrhhhhhhhh!screamed Molly as a big moutain rose out of the ocean. It was a big volcano in water. We're going to die! cried Molly. While everybody else on the beach started screaming with her,two baby's thought they would look at what was at the top. So they wadelled out. But as they got 1/2 way thoughth the lava came out and went right over them. It cooled down qickly and they turned to stone and now there's a story called the two baby lava stone's.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Reading comprehension

The Hooks were reading a story about a Gnome today.  Miss Tait tried to trick them by asking true, false and I don't know questions.  They were pretty fantastic about answering them on

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Current Events Reporter Jaime

It's been a while, but Miss Tait finally worked out a way to put Jaime's amazing homefun current events video up.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

Jaimes Weather Report from Amanda on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Disco Night

I  had to have a shower because I went to netball and got all sweaty. and on friday we had a disco .I didn't want to go to the disco all sweaty.

 I wore a black spotted dress then my mum did  my makeup.

when my sister and I got to the disco we gave the lady five dollars we got to chose some  kai and some 
inu for drink and for chips I dance so good that I got a price it is a gold necklaces and a map and also a pirate patch and a earing.


BAG  CRASH  SHOW  go  away   t-rexs   said tryserietops    why   said
trexs   because   you  eat dinosaur's .  stega sours   came   and   he   spikt   terexs    and    he    rod
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooor    and  he

To Be Continued...


A fox  was sneking in bushes. He came out of the bushes and  howled aooo. A hen saw the fox. she

screamed loudley. The fox said 'aoooooo  eggs yummy.' The fox went closer to the eggs. The hen said '

don,t touch my precious eggs please. But the fox said to the hen''but i,m hungey' and the hen said''ok''.    

But when the fox almost grabbed one of the eggs. Then the hen punched him in the nose.He said''what

was that for. I don't want you to eat my eggs. But I'm still hunngy. But the hen said''but it's to late for 

you too eat my egg's.'why' because they all redey  hacht

At Rainbow end

Yes I shouted as the ball  got the goal.

Today I was at Rainbow end because it was William's birthday.

We were playing the adults video games.

After that we went out.

We went to this dinosaur ride there was a big que and a life-sized dinosaur behind a fence.

It could roar really loud and could move it's arms and head.

Then it was time for the ride.

This lady was handing out 3d glasses and letting us go in.

The ride started,the doors closed and a big sign flashed on and off saying seat belts on seat belts on.


I was sprinting  to swimming class i jumped in.Everybody was playing like crazy the water smelled like salt water

playing netball

As I ran down the stairs quickly I said to my mum ''mum I need to get ready now I need to have my breakfast and put on my  netball yonfom nawe came on we are going to be late''.''get in the car came on'' said my mum.

dylan's sleep over party

Saturday I went to dylan's house for a sleep over because it was his seventh birthday we  played some games outside the first game we played was hide and seek I hid behind a tree and a big bush no one even got to find me. the next game we played was captains coming,it was pretty hard because william and I were the last ones in captain's coming when dylan's dad said to run east william ran before me then william was the champion  then we went into the house to have some dinner and chocolate cake are dinner was pizza,chips and chicken nuggets it was deliosius then we went to bed dylan,keelyn and I  
slept on a stretcher,william and bailey slept on the couch, dylans sister hailey slept on a couch like william and bailey and we slept at nine thirty BUT william didn't even sleep he was still awake
from the night to the morning. when it was the morning we had to get droped of at are house first we droped of william at his house we got to have a moro bar when we get droped of at are house when dylan's dad  parked  the car and droped of william to his mum bailey and I screamed in the car aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help uuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Then when dylan's dad came back we went to keelyn's house  finally we went to my house then I ate my moro bar strate away then I got so tired my mum sang me a lala by, then I fell a sleep.


sleepy moon.

It was night as a sleepy moon was riseing  ke te pehea koe I said to the moon ke te hiamoe au. replied the moon what does that mean.I asked the moon. It means i'm sleepy  said  the moon. what time is it moon. It's  nine o'clock BED TIME. said my Mum Okey Mum I yelled I went to sleep.


''Lets go on slid''said lily.
One by one  Lily
and I climb up the ladder .''Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee''sremd
Lily as she
whent down the slid at chipmanks.
After the party we went
home for a sleep.

The Black Car

when  i  was  at  hom  i  found  a
1ight  and  i  picked  it  up  and  I
saw a black car and I got out.  I touched it and it moved.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

How to make a happy sack

You will need 

a half a cup of rice

two balloons



step one put one balloon on the funell.

step two put a little amount of rice in the funnel and balloon.

step three take the balloon off the funnel. 

step four tie the balloon. 

step five put the balloon into the other balloon.

By Emma

Edited by Miss Tait

Plants VS Zombies

On the weekend I got a new game. The game was plants VS zombies. I heard the zombies coming. I heard the zombies coming,  I got the pee shooter then I got a sun flower.

I got off the level and I went on mini games.  Then I got the fast shooter, the troll zombies were coming, the troll zombies got run over.  I went on the level I was stuck on.

By Jackson

Edited and typed by Jackson and Miss Tait

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monday Recount Writing - Josh

In the weekend I went to my friend Ethan's house.I went there because I had my Rugby game and my mum and dad had to go to a weding.When I was at Ethan's house it was already time to go to the rugby
game.Our team was ardmore white. when ethan had the ball he passed it to our friend dylan adam.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Playing At Chipmunks

On the weekend I went to chipmunks. We slid and played and chased one anather arond coners as fast as we could go.  Then  Lily said"I want to go down that big whit and green slide".

Sun Bird - A Poem by Katy

Fly away shiny sun bird fly away.

now now go now.

fly away.

now now go.

fly away now go.

Field of Dreams

A huge thank you to the instructors at Sykes Road Manurewa Aquatic Centre who helped us with our swimming progressions, and the Parents who volunteered to come and watch out for us each Tuesday. We have learned so much, had HUGE amounts of fun and can't wait for summer to better show off these skills!
Field of Dreams 1 from Amanda on Vimeo.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thanks Room 11

If you're wondering how we learned to put our writing onto the blog, you can ask the FANTASTIC students of Room 11.  They came to our class in their own time and patiently taught us to log in, type up our writing, save and publish it.  And the results are below.

Thanks Room 11!  You are showing AMAZING leadership skills!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ginger bread man

Uh! what is wrong Ginger bread man. I can not get across the river Ooh! said the fox. Jump on my back i'll take you across. Are you sure. Yes said the fox. ok said the Ginger bread man as he jump's on the fox's back. The fox kicks his feet. What way do you want to go just the short cut. Ok said the fox.Where here! said the fox jump onto the land ok. slurp! as the fox ate the Ginger bread man.

The Destructive

In the destructive weekend, I played kick boxing. I got player of the day. It was my first time getting player of the day. I was tough. I was versing ben, A 8 year old boy. I was taller then him. He was very scared of me, thats why I gassed him.


Help me an alien ship. Where's the guns then I shoot the gun then the ship exploded then I went home.

Samantha's writing


Sharks lived in 350 years ago. And sharks have gills to breathe. Lemon sharks are friendly. Millions of sharks have been on the earth. Sharks hunt at night time.

Weapon maniac

On the weekends I made a armor that can make any weapon.I keep it in a safe with two code locks it's powered by a power generator and the code is 29050. I got it's power generator from a volcano. 

Police By Pharrell

When I was shooting to the police are helicopter I saw a police truck and the people with guns they came out of the truck.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 3 Reporter and Photographer Rudi

In week 3 Rudi was our classroom photographer and reporter.  At this time we are unable to upload his reporting video clip, but here is what he had to report on:

This week in Room 6 we learned basketball skills, we did a coke experiment, did Kandinsky building drawings and went swimming on Tuesday.

This weeks breaking news is that we did awesome skills and good dribbling and hoop skills.  At the end of the week we played a game of basketball.

BANG!  The basketball hit the hoop and my team shouted "Yaaa!"

By Rudi  

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chain Poems

A chain poem uses the last word of each sentence to begin the next sentence - linking the sentences together like a chain.

We wrote about selected parts of our holidays using this type of poem.  Here are some examples:

Poet - Rudi

In the holidays I drove.

Drove up North and I swam.

Swam to the other side.

Side of the waterfall.

The waterfall was small and I was so.

So close to jumping off.

Off the waterfall.

Poet - Josh

In the holiday I watched.

Watched Ironman 3.

Ironman's house got attacked by missiles.

Missiles exploded! really big.

Big pieces of glass and wood.

Wood fell off the wall.

Poet - Kaleb

In the holidays I went.

Went up North and jumped.

Jumped into a waterfall.

Waterfall that was cold.

Cold as an ice block.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

"HELP!" Homefun Writing

url.pngMolly the Monkey hung from the tree tops with one hand.  Each finger was slipping one at a time, and all that lay below her was an incredibly long fall with a freezing cold river flowing fast at the bottom.

How can you solve Molley's problem?  Click on the comment button and write your own solution.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sensational Science

FUN FRIDAY was sensational with a sprinkle of science!

First we discussed in groups what would the PERFECT bubble mixture do?

This is what we came up with:
It will
1. Make big bubbles
2.  Make lots of bubbles
3. Make bubbles of different shapes and sizes.

So we had to do some research in order to have an idea of what we would need.  We went around three stations;
1. Internet research
2. Book research
3. An expert other (Miss Tait);
and took down some notes.

And then the experimenting began.

First we checked our available ingredients.  
Then we wrote an hypothesis (what we thought would happen), next we mixed our chosen ingredients and finally wrote down the results.  
For our second and third experiments we only changed ONE variable so that we knew which one was making the mixture GREAT or NOT SO GREAT!


Thank you to the senior students who ran orienteering for us!

Your teaching made our afternoon AMAZING!

"While I felt very unfit trying to keep up with all of the speedy students, I delighted in learning about orientating the map, checking for buildings and trees and jogging around the entire school.  Thanks a bunch".  Miss Tait

"I liked the part when we had to go ALL the way to the end to the black box".  Sam K

"I really enjoyed it, cause we had to run around and round the school to find the sign posts".  Sam B

"I really enjoyed it because we ran around the front entrance and I got very fit running around the school".  Hollie

"I liked it cause I got to go  into place I haven't been in, I haven't really been around the front of the school".  Jackson

"I enjoyed the part when we went by the sand pit".  Josh

"I like it because we had to go around the whole school!"  Cohen

We are all now sweating, puffing, and sore - but SO happy we gave it a try.  We can't wait to see you again (please can we do this again?), thanks so much for the brilliant organisation.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Character Description

Hollie used amazing adjectives to describe Mrs O'Malley from Alligator Alley.  They included:

Big and furious.

Surprised and angry.

Worried and mad.

Mrs O'Malley could certainly be all of those things!

Miss Tait can't WAIT to see these adjectives in YOUR writing!

Channel 6 News

AMAZING HOMEFUN from Lili and Jackson who were last weeks news reporters.  Listen to THESE breaking stories!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Using Place Value to Add

W.A.L.T use place value to add.

Lili adds two digit numbers together using the tens and ones column.

Her equation was 22 + 34

Her answer was 56

Can you use her strategy to add to numbers where the ones column doesn't add up to more than 9?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Digital Book Review by Samantha

Listen to Sam's amazing expression as she reads a paragraph from The Junkyard Dog.

W.A.L.T review a book we have read.  We can talk about the characters, the plot and read a paragraph with expression.

Homefun - Comment on what you have most enjoyed doing in Room 6 so far this year.


W.A.L.T read fluently (without long silences between words) and with expression.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Welcome to Room 6

Welcome to Room 6.  Learning started straight away as we used our reading skills and worked together as ‘pirates’ to find ‘loot’ such as tote tray labels, art paper and scissors around the classroom using our treasure maps.

Watch out for THESE pirates on the hunt for art paper!
"Don't touch OUR treasure!"
We released our inner artists by sketching a scene from our holidays.  We haven't drawn ourselves in these pictures because Miss Tait is teaching us how to use the green screen to digitally put a photo of us in our picture.

5 'bottoms on a seat' were introduced when we became authors and wrote poems about our holidays.  Here are some examples:

Holly, Emily, Mummy and Daddy

Going on a holiday

On a hot, sunny day

In the country side

To see some friends

In the car.                                                      By Hollie

Miss Tait

Swimming excitedly

Towards the elephants

On a muggy afternoon

In a dirty green river

In Thailand.                                                By Miss Tait

Delilah, Brodi, Alex, Jacob, Emma and me

Playing magical games in my room

On the day of my party

At my house

Turning seven

I was excited                                                   By Lili

YUM YUM, IN MY TUM!  The recipe for success was a SMASH hit.  

What an amazing group of chefs we had, and now we know the recipe, we will be sure to have a VERY successful year.