Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Using Place Value to Add

W.A.L.T use place value to add.

Lili adds two digit numbers together using the tens and ones column.

Her equation was 22 + 34

Her answer was 56

Can you use her strategy to add to numbers where the ones column doesn't add up to more than 9?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Digital Book Review by Samantha

Listen to Sam's amazing expression as she reads a paragraph from The Junkyard Dog.

W.A.L.T review a book we have read.  We can talk about the characters, the plot and read a paragraph with expression.

Homefun - Comment on what you have most enjoyed doing in Room 6 so far this year.


W.A.L.T read fluently (without long silences between words) and with expression.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Welcome to Room 6

Welcome to Room 6.  Learning started straight away as we used our reading skills and worked together as ‘pirates’ to find ‘loot’ such as tote tray labels, art paper and scissors around the classroom using our treasure maps.

Watch out for THESE pirates on the hunt for art paper!
"Don't touch OUR treasure!"
We released our inner artists by sketching a scene from our holidays.  We haven't drawn ourselves in these pictures because Miss Tait is teaching us how to use the green screen to digitally put a photo of us in our picture.

5 'bottoms on a seat' were introduced when we became authors and wrote poems about our holidays.  Here are some examples:

Holly, Emily, Mummy and Daddy

Going on a holiday

On a hot, sunny day

In the country side

To see some friends

In the car.                                                      By Hollie

Miss Tait

Swimming excitedly

Towards the elephants

On a muggy afternoon

In a dirty green river

In Thailand.                                                By Miss Tait

Delilah, Brodi, Alex, Jacob, Emma and me

Playing magical games in my room

On the day of my party

At my house

Turning seven

I was excited                                                   By Lili

YUM YUM, IN MY TUM!  The recipe for success was a SMASH hit.  

What an amazing group of chefs we had, and now we know the recipe, we will be sure to have a VERY successful year.