Sunday, 10 March 2013

"HELP!" Homefun Writing

url.pngMolly the Monkey hung from the tree tops with one hand.  Each finger was slipping one at a time, and all that lay below her was an incredibly long fall with a freezing cold river flowing fast at the bottom.

How can you solve Molley's problem?  Click on the comment button and write your own solution.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sensational Science

FUN FRIDAY was sensational with a sprinkle of science!

First we discussed in groups what would the PERFECT bubble mixture do?

This is what we came up with:
It will
1. Make big bubbles
2.  Make lots of bubbles
3. Make bubbles of different shapes and sizes.

So we had to do some research in order to have an idea of what we would need.  We went around three stations;
1. Internet research
2. Book research
3. An expert other (Miss Tait);
and took down some notes.

And then the experimenting began.

First we checked our available ingredients.  
Then we wrote an hypothesis (what we thought would happen), next we mixed our chosen ingredients and finally wrote down the results.  
For our second and third experiments we only changed ONE variable so that we knew which one was making the mixture GREAT or NOT SO GREAT!


Thank you to the senior students who ran orienteering for us!

Your teaching made our afternoon AMAZING!

"While I felt very unfit trying to keep up with all of the speedy students, I delighted in learning about orientating the map, checking for buildings and trees and jogging around the entire school.  Thanks a bunch".  Miss Tait

"I liked the part when we had to go ALL the way to the end to the black box".  Sam K

"I really enjoyed it, cause we had to run around and round the school to find the sign posts".  Sam B

"I really enjoyed it because we ran around the front entrance and I got very fit running around the school".  Hollie

"I liked it cause I got to go  into place I haven't been in, I haven't really been around the front of the school".  Jackson

"I enjoyed the part when we went by the sand pit".  Josh

"I like it because we had to go around the whole school!"  Cohen

We are all now sweating, puffing, and sore - but SO happy we gave it a try.  We can't wait to see you again (please can we do this again?), thanks so much for the brilliant organisation.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Character Description

Hollie used amazing adjectives to describe Mrs O'Malley from Alligator Alley.  They included:

Big and furious.

Surprised and angry.

Worried and mad.

Mrs O'Malley could certainly be all of those things!

Miss Tait can't WAIT to see these adjectives in YOUR writing!

Channel 6 News

AMAZING HOMEFUN from Lili and Jackson who were last weeks news reporters.  Listen to THESE breaking stories!