Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chain Poems

A chain poem uses the last word of each sentence to begin the next sentence - linking the sentences together like a chain.

We wrote about selected parts of our holidays using this type of poem.  Here are some examples:

Poet - Rudi

In the holidays I drove.

Drove up North and I swam.

Swam to the other side.

Side of the waterfall.

The waterfall was small and I was so.

So close to jumping off.

Off the waterfall.

Poet - Josh

In the holiday I watched.

Watched Ironman 3.

Ironman's house got attacked by missiles.

Missiles exploded! really big.

Big pieces of glass and wood.

Wood fell off the wall.

Poet - Kaleb

In the holidays I went.

Went up North and jumped.

Jumped into a waterfall.

Waterfall that was cold.

Cold as an ice block.