Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Reading comprehension

The Hooks were reading a story about a Gnome today.  Miss Tait tried to trick them by asking true, false and I don't know questions.  They were pretty fantastic about answering them on padlet.com.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Current Events Reporter Jaime

It's been a while, but Miss Tait finally worked out a way to put Jaime's amazing homefun current events video up.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

Jaimes Weather Report from Amanda on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Disco Night

I  had to have a shower because I went to netball and got all sweaty. and on friday we had a disco .I didn't want to go to the disco all sweaty.

 I wore a black spotted dress then my mum did  my makeup.

when my sister and I got to the disco we gave the lady five dollars we got to chose some  kai and some 
inu for drink and for chips I dance so good that I got a price it is a gold necklaces and a map and also a pirate patch and a earing.


BAG  CRASH  SHOW  go  away   t-rexs   said tryserietops    why   said
trexs   because   you  eat dinosaur's .  stega sours   came   and   he   spikt   terexs    and    he    rod
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooor    and  he

To Be Continued...


A fox  was sneking in bushes. He came out of the bushes and  howled aooo. A hen saw the fox. she

screamed loudley. The fox said 'aoooooo  eggs yummy.' The fox went closer to the eggs. The hen said '

don,t touch my precious eggs please. But the fox said to the hen''but i,m hungey' and the hen said''ok''.    

But when the fox almost grabbed one of the eggs. Then the hen punched him in the nose.He said''what

was that for. I don't want you to eat my eggs. But I'm still hunngy. But the hen said''but it's to late for 

you too eat my egg's.'why' because they all redey  hacht

At Rainbow end

Yes I shouted as the ball  got the goal.

Today I was at Rainbow end because it was William's birthday.

We were playing the adults video games.

After that we went out.

We went to this dinosaur ride there was a big que and a life-sized dinosaur behind a fence.

It could roar really loud and could move it's arms and head.

Then it was time for the ride.

This lady was handing out 3d glasses and letting us go in.

The ride started,the doors closed and a big sign flashed on and off saying seat belts on seat belts on.


I was sprinting  to swimming class i jumped in.Everybody was playing like crazy the water smelled like salt water

playing netball

As I ran down the stairs quickly I said to my mum ''mum I need to get ready now I need to have my breakfast and put on my  netball yonfom nawe came on we are going to be late''.''get in the car came on'' said my mum.

dylan's sleep over party

Saturday I went to dylan's house for a sleep over because it was his seventh birthday we  played some games outside the first game we played was hide and seek I hid behind a tree and a big bush no one even got to find me. the next game we played was captains coming,it was pretty hard because william and I were the last ones in captain's coming when dylan's dad said to run east william ran before me then william was the champion  then we went into the house to have some dinner and chocolate cake are dinner was pizza,chips and chicken nuggets it was deliosius then we went to bed dylan,keelyn and I  
slept on a stretcher,william and bailey slept on the couch, dylans sister hailey slept on a couch like william and bailey and we slept at nine thirty BUT william didn't even sleep he was still awake
from the night to the morning. when it was the morning we had to get droped of at are house first we droped of william at his house we got to have a moro bar when we get droped of at are house when dylan's dad  parked  the car and droped of william to his mum bailey and I screamed in the car aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help uuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Then when dylan's dad came back we went to keelyn's house  finally we went to my house then I ate my moro bar strate away then I got so tired my mum sang me a lala by, then I fell a sleep.


sleepy moon.

It was night as a sleepy moon was riseing  ke te pehea koe I said to the moon ke te hiamoe au. replied the moon what does that mean.I asked the moon. It means i'm sleepy  said  the moon. what time is it moon. It's  nine o'clock BED TIME. said my Mum Okey Mum I yelled I went to sleep.


''Lets go on slid''said lily.
One by one  Lily
and I climb up the ladder .''Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee''sremd
Lily as she
whent down the slid at chipmanks.
After the party we went
home for a sleep.

The Black Car

when  i  was  at  hom  i  found  a
1ight  and  i  picked  it  up  and  I
saw a black car and I got out.  I touched it and it moved.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

How to make a happy sack

You will need 

a half a cup of rice

two balloons



step one put one balloon on the funell.

step two put a little amount of rice in the funnel and balloon.

step three take the balloon off the funnel. 

step four tie the balloon. 

step five put the balloon into the other balloon.

By Emma

Edited by Miss Tait

Plants VS Zombies

On the weekend I got a new game. The game was plants VS zombies. I heard the zombies coming. I heard the zombies coming,  I got the pee shooter then I got a sun flower.

I got off the level and I went on mini games.  Then I got the fast shooter, the troll zombies were coming, the troll zombies got run over.  I went on the level I was stuck on.

By Jackson

Edited and typed by Jackson and Miss Tait