Sunday, 18 August 2013

I rolled out off bed

Emily woke up,crawled into my bed and fell asleep.
''Wake up'' Mummy shouted.
''Were going to be late beceuse you slept in''.
''AHHHHRRRRGH!'' I yelled  as I rolled out off bed.
''Rooooaaaarrrr!'' went Emily's lion as she swished it under her tummy.
''Mummy I didn't have a went off sleep'' I moaned.
I walked down stairs,ate my breakfast,brushed my teeth and made my lunch then Emily started screaming and yelling ''come on come up here and make your bed'' Mummy yelled.''Mummy Emilys pulling the leafs and flowers off Daddy's plants he wants to sell''.
Hollie just get your raincoat on and go it's nearly 9:00 am.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

I was excited because my Granddad came over on Saturday afternoon.  I said to my Granddad "Welcome Home Dad."  Granddad said "Where's Dad?" and I said "You are Dad, you can sleep in Lucy's bed tonight.  We are going to have a wonderful dinner tonight.  Are you going to have dinner with us tonight?"  I asked.  Granddad replied "No, I am going to a place."  "Owwwww" I said.

Written by Katy
Edited by Katy and Miss Tait
Published by Katy and Miss Tait

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I hope you come back to school.

 Cause you are so kind.

From dominic and Miss Tait

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Running as fast as I could

On bullrush I ran as fast as I could.  Then Phoenix came along and tagged  me.

By Dominic
Edited by Miss Tait
Published by Dominic

When are we by Michael

Once upon a time Miss Tait and Michael  yelled " where are we when are we how did we get here?" "
I think we're in 2005 december the 25 when I was born Miss Tait""but how can you be alive because you're born today how old should I be" Miss Tait asked. but what they didn't know they wore in Dick Smith  because of Te Ariki shot us with his time ray.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The head that rolled out the door

Kaleb came to my house. Zombies came. I shouted to Kaleb "Kaleb, hurry up Zombies are coming!"

Kaleb hurried up and a zombie almost came in but I slammed the door on his face. The the zombie's head came off. I said "Ill" and then I opened the door then I kicked the head out the door. 

By Jackson

 Edited by Jackson and Miss Tait Published by Miss Tait

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The two baby lava stone's

Splash!went the foamy white water. arrrrrrhhhhhhhh!screamed Molly as a big moutain rose out of the ocean. It was a big volcano in water. We're going to die! cried Molly. While everybody else on the beach started screaming with her,two baby's thought they would look at what was at the top. So they wadelled out. But as they got 1/2 way thoughth the lava came out and went right over them. It cooled down qickly and they turned to stone and now there's a story called the two baby lava stone's.