Thursday, 31 October 2013

A bow made out of 3 spiders webs and 3 sticks. By Kaleb

As me and Ben built a house it turned dark on minecraft.  I walked to the lava room because I could not see outside.  I saw a creeper, 2 zombies, 8 spiders and 10 skeletons.

We made a bow with 3 spider webs and 3 sticks.  I went to find a skeleton, there was one about to shoot me with his bow, but Ben was behind the skeleton and killed him.

"Phew!  Thanks for killing him." I said to Ben.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Jumping in through the window. By Jackson Wills

In the morning me and my Dad went to chop the tree. When my Dad chopped a branch he would put it in a pile. I got the branches out of the pile and dropped the branches in a pile by the fence. Then my Mum asked if I wanted to go swimming with Kaleb. I said "Okay". My Dad said "Thank you!"

My Mum found my swimming bag, Kaleb came, I jumped in through the window into the car.  We arrived at swimming, Kaleb went in the swimming lessons pool and I went in the lazy river.

The lifeguards put the waves on.  The waves in the lazy river were only little but the rest of the waves were big.  I went in one of the big waves and I went under it then I jumped out of the waves then I went under the waves and I got blown away.

The wave pushed me into the lazy river again.

By Jackson Wills
Edited by Jackson and Miss Tait
Published by Miss Tait