Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Baby powder in the hairdryer by Kaleb

Jackson trapped my Mum in my room.  Me and Peter put baby powder in the hair dryer.

"Jackson, you can let my Mum out now." I said.  My Mum came out and picked up the hair dryer and she looked terrified and she turned it on and BANG! the powder went all over my Mum's face and we cracked up laughing.

My Mum went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and she saw her wrinkles and she said "Can you see my wrinkles?"  "Yeah, oh yeah!" said me and Jackson.

By the terrible prankster Kaleb


  1. Oh that is an awesome prank, I'm going to remember this so I can use it on someone special myself. Ahaha

    Te Ariki Gardiner

  2. Nice one son mum took 1 for the team and i was a good sport! Now lets wait and see what kaleb's next prank is for mum!!!!!!