Monday, 18 November 2013

Pool of ice by Chloe

On Saturday I went to Casey and Maia's because Mum said when we got there we could put our togs on and go for a swim with Casey and Maia.

When we had put our togs on we got in the pool slowly because the pool was like ice.

The boys got in first.  Sam jumped high in the air and made a big splash to get in the pool.  Casey dived in to the water.

When we were all in the water we played family sharks and fishes.

Then the boys got out because they were getting cold.  Me and Maia got our three hours after them then we got out to get dry.  Then one minute after we got back in the pool because the boys got back in to play.

As I ran out to the pool I said to the boys "Even through I just got out, I'm getting back in!".

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